Custom Website Design & Development

Designing and developing a truly competitive and vibrant web presence necessitates going the extra distance of assisting in business development, providing onsite consultation and developing a customized message and site based on your input and philosophy. Webstudio Boston will devote the time necessary to accomplish these goals and convey your message within your current budget, and we will be there as your company grows to adjust and customize new solutions for your evolving needs. Each website we design follows a series of steps we have developed with proven results for our clients.

  • eCommerce Websites
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • CMS customization
  • Hosting integration
  • Integration with 3rd party services via API
  • Payment & billing customization’s


Initial Consultation:

Initial Consultation to discuss overall goals, gain insight into how you envision your website design and set a project schedule. At Webstudio Boston we listen carefully to your ideas and goals and create a site that you will not only be proud of, but will help you achieve the success you desire. We will discuss your overall goals, define your target market, talk about the look and feel of the site such as color, layout and site navigation and any other concerns you might have. We will develop a work schedule and discuss if you will provide us with graphics and copy, or if Webstudio Boston will develop graphics, text, and provide photography services for your project.

Domain Name Registration:

Since your domain name is the best way for people to find you we set up hosting services and register our client’s .com name. The domain name is your internet address and it is typically Registering your name makes you the owner of that URL.

Design Mock-up:

We provide you with design layout options for your homepage and sub pages based upon our initial consultation. This gives you the ability to actually see the concept for your web site and decide which layout you want us to proceed with. You can suggest any changes you would like made and we will wait for you to give the green light before developing the prototype web site.

Design & Development:

We post the entire web site for you to preview on our test server with all pages fully navigable. The prototypes include all graphics and text your clients and customers will see on your website, but it allows you to fine tune the design or content by making minor modifications before the site design is finalized.

Site Testing:

Once any issues we may have been found during texting have been resolved, we will notify you to determine a launch date.
The site owner performs any necessary internal communication about URL and other site changes. The website is launched on the approved launch date. If there is a website already at the same URL, it is archived and taken off-line and URL redirections from the old site to new site are set up by Web Services

Website Maintenance & Updates:

Where a plan is proposed to keep your site up to date internally to new customers coming and existing customers coming back. Keeping your web site current is the cornerstone to a successful internet business. We will help you keep your pages fresh. This service is available on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as needed basis, and can be purchased as part of the hosting with substantial savings.